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Rigel Multi-Flo Infusion Pump Analyzer
RIGEL MÉDICAL MULTI-FLO Rigel Multi-Flo Infusion Pump Analyzer

The market defining Rigel Multi-Flo Infusion Pump Analyzer is a portable instrument to accurately and swiftly verify the performance of all infusion devices.

The Rigel Multi-Flo infusion pump analyser offers ease of use, high accuracy readings and productivity improvements right from the start.

With the choice of single or multi-channel configuration, the Multi-Flo can test up to four infusion devices simultaneously across a range of 10μL up to 1500mL per hour, with all results being stored in the large internal memory. The Multi-Flo delivers unique accurate and instantaneous flow measurements even at low flow rates, enabling the user to test twice as many infusion devices within the same time period as other volumetric based analysers.

To help save even more time and to reduce the risk of human error, the Multi-Flo can also be programmed with manufacturer specific test routines which can then be automatically executed by the user on the device itself or controlled from a PC using the Med-eBase software solution.

To meet the requirements of IEC 60601-2-24, the Multi-Flo also provides accurate back pressure simulations, occlusion alarm monitoring and bolus (PCA) measurements, and a large colour graphics display presents the data in both numerical and graphical format.

A remote (PC) control interface is available via Rigel's test solution software, Med-eBase, allowing complete control of the Multi-Flo's features from the comfort of a PC. Requiring just a single USB connection per Multi-Flo, users can connect as many multi-channel Multi-Flo's as there are USB ports available, increasing the test capacity in high volume test environments.
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