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PF-300 Analyzer


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PF-300 Analyzer
Medical gas flow analyzer PF-300 RIGEL Medical
RIGEL MÉDICAL PF-300 Analyzer The PF-300 gas flow analyser is a compact and accurate flow analyser compatible with 13 gas standards and 7 gas types. The unique and compact design offers accurate measurement of flow, volume, oxygen, temperature, humidity, dew point, high and low pressure, differential and barometric pressure. A newly developed measuring method allows extremely precise, and low resistance bidirectional flow measurement able to test virtually all models of ventilators (adult, pediatric, neonatal and high frequency etc.). The PF-300 is compatible with Air, Air/O2, N2O/O2, Heliox (21 % O2), He/O2, N2 and CO2 gas types
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