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Rigel 62353


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Rigel 62353
Rigel 62353 Electrical Safety Analyzer


Rigel 62353+ Electrical Safety Analyzer

The Rigel 62353+ is the smallest and most flexible electrical safety analyzer on the market with battery powered earth/ground bond and insulation testing.

The Rigel 62353+ electrical safety analyzer offers an accurate and fast solution for testing in accordance with the IEC 62353 safety standard.

Offering a range of tests without the need for mains power, the 62353+ is capable of conducting battery-powered insulation and earth/ground bond testing. This offers complete freedom to move around in often crowded rooms during the installation process, eliminating the inconvenience of trailing mains cables.

The 62353+ has added two new insulation resistance tests (50V DC and 100V DC) to complement the 250V DC and 500V DC insulation tests that were present in its predecessor, the Rigel 62353. These new tests conform to growing manufacturer’s test requirements for increasingly popular equipment running on 24V DC and 48V DC, such as operating tables, lights and mobile X-rays.

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