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Citrex Hand-Held All-In-One Gas Flow Analyzer

Citrex Hand-Held All-In-One Gas Flow Analyser

The Citrex hand-held all-in-one gas flow analyser designed to quickly and accurately test the functionality of ventilators and anaesthetic machines. Despite it’s compact design, the Citrex is compatible with all common gas standards and gas types. The battery operated Citrex accurately measures flow, volume, oxygen, temperature, high and low pressure, differential and barometric pressure.

State of the art measuring methods allow for extremely precise, and low resistance bidirectional flow measurement able to test virtually all models of ventilators (adult, pediatric, neonatal and high frequency etc.). The Citrex is compatible with Air, Air/O2, N2O/O2, Heliox (21 % O2), He/O2, N2 and CO2 gas types

A high resolution OLED colour display gives the CITREX it’s unique appearance in the market and provides for a simple and intuitive user interface. Test data can be stored on the Citrex for download and analyses whilst additional interfaces offer control options for the Citrex via USB, RS-232, Ethernet, CAN, Analogue Out and TTL connection.

The optional O2 sensor provides fast and precise measurement of oxygen concentration, an important function when verifying and calibrating
ventilators. This option is available for new devices or can be acquired subsequently as a retrofit set. 

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